Most apt gun safes for your bedroom

You still pay quite a penny for a gun safe which you may open with tip of your pinky, however it is much better than it was a few years ago. In this post, I am mainly talking about bedside style safes, designed for pistols.More over, you may look into internet forum and web store reviews to figure out the experience of others using the product you are seeking.

Greatest bedside gun safe was created to suit underneath your bed or nightstand drawer easily. This kind of safe may be ideal for keeping handguns, and revolvers.A great bedside gun safe must be able to squeeze into any place, may be installed quickly, provide quick access to and do not take too much space.

Best bedsides gun

Gun vault speed vault sv500

A New Type of Vault

Of gunvault’s  many  safe available in market speed vault has been designed keeping primarily the ease and speed of access in case of emergency.Unlike the flat boxes , the SpeedVault is actually a vertical vault and not a horizontal one. Its has a dimensions of 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches.Because of its small size it can be mounted just about anywhere, from your closet to beside your bed and even in your vehicle.The hardware needed for mounting is included.

The flat boxes generally take a little bit of time to get into. That is one reason why so many handgun owners do not make the intelligent decision to place their guns in a vault, due to the length of time it takes to gain access to it.

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The numerical keypad is one of the things that most users like most about this vault. The fact that you can quickly type in the private key code which then allows the gun to literally dropped down so that you can remove it, much as you would do if it was in a holster, is definitely a bonus. If you are uncomfortable using the code in front of someone, or if you make the mistake of forgetting the code, you can use the key to open the lock. There are not many spots on it that someone could pry the door open with. While you could not consider the safe burglarproof, it is definitely prevent minor prying attack. If you like to keep your gun in your close proximity and want something that allows you to have quick access to it, the Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe may be the perfect solution for you.

Sentry Quick Access Safe

sasbA perfect small electronic safe free from all design flaws prevalent in typical electronic safe.Recently released in the market the safe has gained quite an attention because of the  above features.Ample amount of space to keep other valuables and very suitable to keep in your bedside drawer.

It uses an electronic lock with a back light, and there is no feed back. This makes it easy to get into this safe fast. It also comes equipped with an at the ready pistol presentation, so that no time is wasted fumbling for the gun when it is urgently needed.

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Those who can’t find their key in the heat of the moment can also use the override key when they need immediate access to their fire arm. It is very small, and it only weighs one pound making it best suitable for smaller guns. Getting the gun is also very quiet, so it won’t compromise the safety of a person who needs to discreetly open this safe. There is a compression gas strut that keeps it quiet while the keys are being entered and it is opening.

This also lights up so that it can be used in the night when it is hard to see. It cannot be reset by sticking a paper clip into a slot.There are also holes that allow the gun to be screwed down. Also, those who use it need to remember that there is one button that must be pressed to activate the safe before the entry code can be keyed.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box

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Best Under Bed Gun Safes

An under bed gun safe is a great idea for gun owners who have large guns, but limited space. It utilizes the valuable space under ones bed to contain these low and long storage units for rifles, handguns, and  other gear that owners would like tucked away,  and out of sight, but still quickly accessible. Though their aren’t many under bed safes on the market compared to the other gun safes available, the ones that are however, certainly do what they are meant for. Check out our list of the best under bed gun safes available today!
American Security Defense Vault (DV652)

This vault, made by American Security was specifically designed to be used underneath your bed. The DV652 Defense Vault is a safe that’s in a class of its own. It falls somewhere between the smaller gun cabinets and larger more secure gun vaults. It is meant for those who want another level of security, and speedy access, without the bulkiness of a large vault.

Quick access is usually provided with an electronic keypad, which the DV652 has.  It is designed perfectly for access in the dark because of its illuminating, back-lit keys. But what really sets this safe apart from nearly every safe that we have reviewed on our website, is its one-of-a-kind rail system. This safe is made of 14 gauge steel and sports a 5-point slide locking bar. After you unlock the DV652, drop down the door to reveal the foam-padded, slide out gun tray.

The space provided is decent, with the exterior measuring 52″ x 14″ x 6″. However, inside it gets a little tight providing just over 43″ x 13″ x 3″, With the height being somewhat of an issue. If you’re the type of person with a bunch of add-ons or modifications to your gun, and you don’t mind removing them before storage in this unit, then this is still a great vault to own. For those who have no problem with the 3″ head room, and are looking for an good under bed gun safe, then this American Security Defense Vault might be what you’ve been waiting for!

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Gun Casket Fast Opening Shotgun Safe

This under bed gun safe is made for those who prefer shotguns over other firearms. Its super slim design is what makes this gun case able to contain your favorite shotgun, and not much else. The Fast Opening Shotgun Safe made by Gun Casket  stands at 50″ long and stores most shotguns without any problem. It too has an electronic lock for fast access and is programmable for up to a six digit passcode.

It is a very simple under bed gun safe that looks great and is built strong. Available in silver or black anodized aluminum.

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Best in wall gun safe for the money

In wall gun safes are very popular because they are the most clever ways to hide your firearms. So clever, that they should be used to store everything from jewelry, money, and other important documents, and not be limited to just guns. In wall gun safes are well made, and most are sized to fit standard wall stud spacing.  This makes them discreet and adds a bit more security than other gun safes.  How can anyone break into a safe that they cannot see.


 HOMAK WS00017001 High-Security Steel Wall Safe


The HOMAK WS00017001 Steel Wall Safe is a small and simple gun safe with a low profile, that is easy on the pocketbook. Not much to say here, except you get what you pay for with this locker.  Probably the most affordable in wall gun safe that you will find on the market today, it sports a simple lock and is anything but fancy. But it safe has a clean design and is easy to install. But it is not the “High-Security” wall safe that it claims to be, and will not store anything more than one handgun and a few miscellaneous items.

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Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet


The Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet can hold up to 2 rifles or shotguns up to 52″ tall, and is the only full length cabinet that makes our list. Other than rifles, there isn’t much owners will be able to fit into this locker. It does have a small ammo shelf located at the top of the cabinet, however, you won’t be able to store much else since the safe stands just under 4 inches deep. It has a 3-point locking system which ensures the top, bottom, and side of the safe is secure when locked, but if your looking to store anything other than a long gun or two, we suggest you look at a deeper long gun safe.

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Some creative hidden gun safe for home

If you really want to conceal your guns inside your home, you should look into purchasing a hidden gun safe. Hidden gun safes are firearm storage units designed to look like everyday household objects, such as books or clocks, for some level of secrecy.Though, not nearly as secure as regular gun safes/vaults, hidden gun safes provide a means to clandestinely store your gun in places one would rarely suspect. This may be used for keeping a firearm in a room away from your gun collection, or preventing your only gun or some thing of same value from being stolen.

Hidden Gun Safe Reviews

Locking Booksafe with Key Lock


This Locking Booksafe by Cutting Edge, looks so common, nobody will ever know what is hiding within. Not even theives!  Disguised as an English Dictionary, this book safe measures 2 x 5.5 x 9″ internally, and can hold various compact handguns with room left over. It is built with a solid lock and latch, and a strong steel body.

However the issue with this product is that, if inspected closely, someone may be able to tell that this ‘book’ is fake. This is mainly due to plastic faux-pages, that are built onto the sides of the unit. They really don’t look like pages to be honest, but there is good news. If you keep the safe tucked away between some larger books, (say, on a bookshelf) like most customers suggest, it will greatly increase its believability.

If your looking for another book safe option, the branded BARSKA Hidden Dictionary Book Safe is a great choice.

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Concealment Mantle Clock


This Mantle Clock from Ps Products will have your company fooled with its well built design and beautiful finish.

We do not recommend this product for those with children in their home. There is NO lock built into this concealment clock and is not secure by any means other than a large (and rather strong) magnet. Yes, this is great for those looking for speedy access to their firearm, but again, we think this product should not be used for gun storage if children frequent the location.

That being said, this unit is perfect for storing pistols such as glocks and 1911′s. The inside measures 14 5/8″ x 7 3/8″ x 3 3/4″ and is made of solid wood with a mahogany stain. The lock relies on quartz movement, and runs of 2 AA batteries.

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Control the moisture-Best Gun safe dehumidifiers

A gun safe dehumidifier should be used by every serious gun collector.  Gun safe dehumidifiers are used to absorb any moisture within your gun safe that could lead to rust and mildew build up, and eventually corrosion and damage to your firearms. Therefore, these products are needed to protect your investment. There are a number of different dehumidifiers on the market today and knowing the difference of each will save you time and money in the long run.

Desiccant Packs

51K-3ZxllNL._SL160_Desiccant Packs are similar to those like white gel packets you find in your new box of shoes.  Unlike the other gun safe dehumidifiers, desiccant packs do not require batteries or electricity. They usually come in a pack of 4-10, and have a totally different way of ‘recharging’ themselves. The moisture in in these packs have to released by heating them in the oven. This is called recharging. Though effective, it can be a hassle to cook your packs every so often. And with the affordability of the newer, easier to use dehumidifiers, we only recommend these if you have no other options.

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Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rods


Gun safe dehumidifier rods will dehumidify your gun safe in a totally different way than the desiccant packs listed above.  These rods actually work by increasing the air temperature inside your safe gradually, and maintaining it constantly. The biggest downside about these rods is that they need to be plugged in. So for those who do not have a pre-drilled hole provided by their safe manufacturer, you may want to look at other options. For those who do decide to get a dehumidifier rod, you will not be disappointed. These things are highly effective, and easy to install.

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Rechargeable Dehumidifiers


The newest type of gun safe dehumidifiers on the market today, rechargeable dehumidifiers are small, affordable and very convenient.  They work the same as the desiccant products reviewed above, but do not need to be ‘refreshed’ by an oven. Instead, they are able to get rid of its moisture while plugged into an electrical outlet. So not only will you be ‘recharging’ the internal battery, you will also be refreshing your your unit at the same time. There is also a gauge located in the front of the unit to indicate when you need to do so. The best thing about this product is cordless which makes it perfect for gun safes.

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Eliminate the dark-Lights for gun safe

Gun safe lighting is usually the first addition gun safe owners buy for their safes. Gun safe lighting is important because of how deep and dark those large gun safes can be.  If you are an organized person or are just tired of carrying over your desk lamp whenever you need to access your safe, you should definitely look into buying some lights for your gun safe. They are bright, small, and very affordable.

There are a few gun safe lighting options today that buyers should look into before making a purchase. Gun safe lights come in light kits, cordless, and LED options. We hope to help you find some lights that will fit perfectly in your personal gun safe.

Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Gun Safe Lighting


We love these Stack-On SPAL-300 LED Lights because they just offer so many features that other lights do not. First of all, as the names states, these things are motion sensitive, which means they will turn on the instant you open your safe. It contains 3 lights (each with 4 LEDS), that are all able to pivot in whatever direction you want, and have 2 brightness settings.

You can mount this bad boy in two ways, via mounting plate or hook and eye tape which is included. As with all safes, we encourage everyone to stay away from using the tape though, as they tend to fall off after a few weeks, even days. Finally, no wires here, the SPAL-300 is totally battery operated.

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Lockdown Cordless 6 LED Vault Light


Contending with the Stack-On LED Light above is this Cordless LED Vault Light by Lockdown. It comes in at a close second compared to its contender for a few reasons.  First off, it does not have motion sensor capabilities, which to us, is one of the coolest things a vault light can do. Also, another issue we had was that the battery life on these lights seemed to be less than the SPAL-300′s. We do love how this lighting fixture comes with magnets, which we believe all gun safe lighting should have, but it wasn’t enough for us to call it the best on our list.

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Battery Operated LED Lights

41U-gm97wwL._SL110_41BP0wJW7-L._SL110_For those of us who want other, more flexible gun safe lighting options, you should look into other battery-operated LED lights. With the rising popularity of LED lights, it isn’t hard to find one to suit your budget and style. In fact, there are so many, we can’t possibly review them all. We suggest you do your own homework and read a few reviews to find the ones that will fit your safe the best.

Stack-On Electrical Cord Accessory Kit

31AmOGs8m8L._SL160_41h8DNFySqL._SL160_If you’re the creative type, you may want to look into buying the Stack-On Electrical Cord Accessory Kit. By far the most flexible option when it comes to lighting and additions to your gun safe. Basically, what this kit does is provide 2 standard electrical outlets inside your safe without compromising your fire or waterproof ratings. This means you will be able to power up your gun safe lighting, dehumidifier, or any other accessory you decide to put inside your safe.

For those who want to be even more creative, why not try installing colored LED strip lights instead? The possibilities are endless thanks to Stack-On’s Electrical Cord Kit.

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